Topics include:
0:00 – 5:08 Are the Lakers the best fit for Lonzo Ball?
5:09 – 7:05 Will the Lakers make the playoffs with Lonzo next year?
7:06 – 9:35 If Lonzo goes to the Lakers, how long until he becomes an All–Star?
9:36 – 11:50 Who will be the Rookie of the Year next year?
11:51 – 14:13 Is Lonzo better right now than Steph Curry?
14:14 – 16:37 At age 19, who is better Lonzo or LeBron?
16:38 – 19:52 Is Kareem wrong?
19:53 – 24:14 Who is the greatest Laker of all time?

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FOX Sports’ Chris Broussard breaks down the hottest topics around the NBA, using his years of deep connections to keep you updated and informed in a way nobody else is doing it. This podcast will be the center point where basketball, hip-hop, and pop culture meet. Come kick it…